Highlighting changed data in a list view

Often, all items in a list view are of interest to the user. However, on many occasions the user primary focus is on items whose properties are changing and in some cases, only those items are of interest.

You can choose an appropriate WiTS display mode to suit any of the above circumstances via the drop down menu in the status bar of a WiTS list view shown below.

List view display mode image

You can choose one of the following display modes:

  • Select No highlighting to show all items present in the last refresh without any highlighting.
  • Select Highlight changes to show all items present in the last refresh with new items shown in green and items whose properties have changed shown in yellow. In addition, items which were present in the previous refresh but are no longer present are also shown (in red). Items that are unchanged from the previous refresh are shown without any color coding.
  • Select Changes only to show only items that have been added, modified or deleted color-coded as above. Unchanged items are not displayed at all.
Windows Inspection Tool Set V3.2